Sunday, August 23, 2015

Split 2nd: Where Did Our Love Go? (A♭ Flat Records, 1999)

Out of Pensacola, FL., another rare duo from the late 90s. Not really urban-crossover - mainly  smooth R&B with gospel and classic soul influences - but some nice uptempo cuts all the same, notably tracks 3 and 9...certainly up there with C-Nario and Shades Of Ebony as a very decent sounding old skool act regardless. Sadly, there is no information on them anywhere...

Life Is For The Living 3:33
My Love Is Good 4:03
Is It Really Like That 4:31
Where Did Our Love Go 6:03
There's Where I Want You To Put It 4:34
Yes I Am Ready 5:53
Steppin' 6:19
Nothing Could Be Better 4:50
Do It All For Love 4:28
Life Is For The Living (Outro) 2:16