Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sassey: The Sassey Project (AMC, 2001)

One and only release from former reigning Miss Jr. America and featuring contributions from former 90s New Jack Swing persona Colin England and CA rapper E-40. The project spawned one single Kiss You featuring Ghetto Romeo which was released via Universal Records in 2002. The single is still available as a digital download but this album, released via independent label AMC, is currently not. Mostly upbeat but sadly a very short project at just over half an hour long.

Intro 1:28
Gonna Need Somebody Else 2:57
Not Too Far 4:09
He Say, She Say 3:48
Gone Again 3:10
Kiss You 4:13
Can't You See 3:29
Dirty Drawlz 4:46
Gonna Need Somebody Else 3:03
Prayer 1:14