Saturday, August 15, 2015

Meshe: S/T (Advance CD) (Relativity Records, 1998)

Another abandoned project, this time via Relativity Records and Sony's Epic division in the late 90s. Unfortunately, I know nothing about the singer (pronounced Me'Shay) but she released two singles Love To Love You and Thinking About You in 1998/1999. The Donna Summer cover is probably the most widely known, especially the remix featuring Thugged Out. The album, which is a mixture of classic and 90s hip hop soul, is virtually impossible to find and features a keyboard appearance by the legendary Stevie Wonder on track 8...

Intro 1:05
Makin' Me Feel 4:09
Love To Love You Baby 3:52
Thinking About You 3:48
All I Want 4:03
Tell Me What You Want 3:59
Yes I Can 6:03
All Because Of You 3:47
It's Over Now 3:54
2 O'Clock In The Morning 4:25
So Simple 3:05
Outro 1:05