Sunday, August 23, 2015

Karisma: Turn It Up (Promo CDr) (High Velocoty Entertainment, 200x)

A further female R&B group from the windy city and put together and managed by the same people behind an earlier group I posted For Eternity. Again, no no full-length project or even a single ever came about but they do have a CD-R demo which I present above. While For Eternity was more of an R&B group, this quartet was aimed more at mainstream pop audiences. A few songs sound like they were influenced by The Spice Girls' earlier work but it is mostly uptempo R&B pop in the vein of 3LW. Again, production on at least one track (4) comes from Maurice Joshua. While on For Eternity's album he seemed to stick to his usual house format here at least he seemed to be experimenting more with mainstream R&B music. A good group but sadly many of the tracks are between 2 and 3 minutes long...

Little Of This A Lot Of That    2:36   
I Want You Baby    2:42   
Over You    2:17    1
Gotta Know    1:56   
Turn It Up    2:23   
I Remember    2:30   
Didn't Have To Lie To Me    3:07   
What Is Love    2:40   
Hard To Get    2:46   
For You    2:50   
Let Go Of My Heart    3:34   
Dance With Me    2:33   
All About Me    2:14   
Not What You Say    2:59   
Reflections    3:29