Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gyrl: Get Your Groove On (Remixes) (Promo VLS) (Silas Records/MCA, 1997)

Following the departure of Paulette Maxwell, Gyrl became a quartet with the addition of Glorika "Jeanae'" Briley and Tai-Amber Hoo in 1997. Again their time on the music scene was fleeting and following the release of the above single - featured in the movie BAPS - they split for good. The movie was a commercial failure and despite being the epitome of 90s R&B greatness, the song was as well. Sadly this was only the beginning of failed projects from Stokes and the Chilombo Girls in particular. In the early to mid 2000s, projects by Mila and her younger sister Jhene Aiko (then known just as Jhene) also ended up on the cutting room floor. Many - if not all - of the acts were signed to T.U.G. Entertainment, a label set up by Stokes that was distributed by Universal.**Dope remixes by Jorge "G-Man" Corante, Chris Stokes, Claudio Cueni and Tom Baker**

Hooked Up Exteneded Vocal With Romeo & LC 5:28
Hooked Up Suite 3:28
Hooked Up Instrumental 3:32
Hookapella 3:24
G-Town Radio Edit Without Rap 3:36
G-Town Extended Club Remix With Spark & Majic 5:31
G-Town Remixed Suite 3:30
G-Town Remixed Instrumental 3:41