Sunday, August 23, 2015

For Eternity: S/T (Promo CDr) (High Velocity Entertainment, 2003)

Following in the footsteps of C-Nario, here's another female trio from the Windy City that was active during the early 2000s. They were managed and put together by Chicago-based company High Velocity Entertainment but I don't think that their debut album Share My World was ever released. While C-Nario's music was  rooted firmly in the classic/old skool sound, these girls were destined more for the urban contemporary market but aside from this CD-R and a very ancient Tripod webpage (that is astonishingly still active) they sadly never went anywhere. No credits for the tracks but at least one (6) was produced by Maurice Joshua...

No,No,No 5:05
Let Me Know 4:03
Curious 4:48
Tell Me 4:42
I Can't Go Back 5:47
You Don't Need Somebody 5:04
Movin' On 4:51
Feelin' 4:47
Tonight 4:50
Turn You On 4:00