Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fe'Male: Big Gurlz (EP) (R Entertainment Productions, 2007)

Further music from independent Georgia trio Fe'Male, who were originally featured on a rather ancient Tripod webpage for unsigned R&B acts during the early 2000s. Some of their demo recordings are posted here but they released this 6-song E.P. in 2007. It followed a previous single U Don't Know Me which was released to and various other digital outlets in 2006. The style is mainly mid 2000s crunk'N'B but one song Thas Was Up was originally recorded in 2003...

Sadly the last thing of interest from this very contemporary-sounding group.

Big Gurlz (Club) 4:06
Big Gurlz (Radio) 3:51
U Don't Know Me 3:41
Boyfriend 2:55
Thas Was Up 3:57
Big Gurlz (Accapella) 4:04

Listen or buy here.