Tuesday, September 1, 2015

D'Mello: Best Love Story (Promo CDr) (Reprise Records, 2003)

Along with Crystal Sierra, here is another standout R&B singer from the early 2000s who fell through the cracks of the music industry. Originally from Trinidad, D'Mello got her start penning songs for the likes of 3LW and Kelly Rowland before finally scoring her own contract with Warner Bros.' Reprise Records in 2002. A skilled vocalist, she was highly praised by the label but for some reason neither of her two singles (Best Love Story featuring Mobb Deep and Never Miss A Good Thing) ever saw a proper commercial
release and shortly after her debut album was shelved. Some time back I posted a 3-trk sampler but I have since managed to get my hands on the whole entire album. Alas it is a CD-R as I don't think that any factory-pressed CDs were ever made but the songs here are in their entirety and the quality, despite being possibly unmastered, is excellent. A saturnine mix of hip hop soul and love lorn slow jams, her vocals combine facets of opera, calypso and soul. At other times she's like a cross between Lauryn Hill and Mariah Carey; she can rap on one hand and hit the whistle register with the other. Along with Cherish's The Moment, it is a crying shame that this went unreleased. It seems that Reprise Records squandered many amazing R&B acts in the early 2000s in favor of alternative rock rubbish.

Best Love Story 5:32
Just Dont Know 4:00
Cant Get Over You 4:06
Runaround 3:56
Say Da L 3:30
Feels So Complete 4:43
Honey Baby 4:22
Not Over Your Ex 3:46
Not Havin It 3:31
Never Miss A Good Thing 3:54
Holla 4:23
Fakin Me 5:16
Roll Up 4:06