Monday, August 24, 2015

Diadi: Face The Music (Hits Happen Entertainment, 2001)

Another hidden indie duo from the early 2000s, this time based out of Oakland, CA. Their music isn't exactly urban-contemporary but might possibly fit in to the neo soul category; it is mainly smooth R&B with synth and old skool influences but there are quite a few decent uptempo cuts, most notably track 2 which uses a sample from the Wu-Tang-Clan's 1997 song Triumph. Unfortunately, they are possibly the most underground I've stumbled upon yet; outside of a few hits in the U.S. Trademark and Patents Office in 2001, there is a complete lack on information on them...

Broken (Interlude) 1:44
Cruel 2 Me (Remix) 4:04
Sorry 4:35
Lov'N You 3:58
he Loves Me 3:31
Searchin' 4 Love 3:47
To Love Again 3:35
Don't Wanna Be (Interlude) 0:55
Boyfriend 3:49
Abstinence 3:45
Cruel 2 Me 4:22
Broken 2 3:42
What's Next_ 3:47
Lov'N You (No Drums) 3:51 (Hidden)