Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Crystal Sierra: Morena (Advance) (Virgin Records, 2000)

Yet another shelved female R&B singer from the early 2000s, this time on Virgin Records and a real example of a Latin R&B singer as apposed to the poppy fluff popularized by Jennifer Lopez, Joy Enriquez and others like them. Self-described as a "Salsa Rap" artist, she was the Mary J. Blige of Latin music; unfortunately her album Morena was shelved after only one single (Playa No More featuring Styles Skillz.) Featuring contributions from Swizz Beatz (Get Up), Cuban Link (Thank U Mi Amor), Darkchild (Promises, Could It Be) and Terror Squad (Caliente), J-Lo only wished she sounded as good as her. I don't know why it was scrapped but perhaps at the time Virgin Records simply couldn't afford to release it after squandering an astronomical $120 million on another outdated diva Mariah Carey. Still there was a niche in the market for Sierra's type of music (or at least a very poppy, watered-down version of it), so a few years later they signed Mexican singer Thalia...

Playa No More ft. Styles Skillz 3:51
Get Up ft. Cross 4:20
Thank U Mi Amor (Rap by Cuban Link) 4:05
What Ya Wanna Do 3:34
Come Over 3:45
Trying To Fit In 5:58
Promises 3:58
Could It Be 4:29
Hold Me Down 4:03
Damelo 3:19
Caliente ft. Terror Squad 4:06
Playa No More [KC Porter Spanish Version] 6:16*

*Also features Playa No More (No Rap Version) on the same track, hence the 6:16 time frame.