Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tina: Let's Ride (Lynch By Lynch Entertainment, 2002)

Sophomore release from Louisiana artist Tina (Ashton) who originally appeared on the scene in '97 with her debut Are U. 'Bout It? Despite being released 5 years apart, the two albums are very similar in style - mainly smooth R&B with hints of R. Kelly-ish production. Sadly I myself came close to passing her up when somebody described her as a 'hip hop rapper from New York' - something which she is most definitely NOT.

Given that it is long out of print and the artist herself, like Shanica Bell, now only records gospel-themed music, this album is not as freely available or as cheap as some of the other indie R&B albums I've posted previously. Her debut especially trends at three figures!

Let's Ride 1:45
30 Seconds (Feat. Beelow) 4:45
A Man Can Dish It 4:04
He's Loving Me 4:13
Baller Skit 0:54
My Baby's A Baller 4:57
I'll Light The Candles 4:58
The Storm 4:11
I Told U 4:33
Ladies Night Skit 0:41
Ladies Night 4:33
Interlude -- Thank You 0:51
Do My Thang 3:25
Sorry 4:55
You Were My Love 4:45
30 Seconds (Urban Mix) 4:49
Broken Heart (That Time Can't Mend) 3:41
Hot Spot 4:07
So Sick 5:00
It's On 2:53