Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TG4: Time For The New (Advance CD) (T.U.G. Entertainment/A&M Records, 2002)

Yet another group to emerge in the early 2000s along with Isyss, LovHer, Her Sanity and Lyric was Sevyn Streeter's former group Tom Gurl Four (Abr.TG4) Signed to Chris Stokes' T.U.G. Entertainment in 2001, the band released two singles Virginity and Two Minutes but neither were a success and the members shortly went their own separate ways. Their debut album Time For The New was 'shelved' and limited copies were only ever available for promotional purposes. It was primarily produced by Chris Stokes' production team Platinum Status with additional input from his sister Juanita "Smooth" Stokes and Marques Houston. The album's sound was a little more futuristic pop than the others but the use of auto-tune in most, if not all, of the songs was pretty excessive. Admittedly the result was slightly ahead of its time for the early 2000s and not dissimilar to the rubbish being churned out by Streeter nowadays but it is annoying all the same. At the end of the day, they were obviously geared more towards teen pop audiences - a female B2K - although there are a few good songs here.

Featuring Juanita "Smooth" Stokes on tracks 2 & 3 who was then going by her new alias Needa-S. She was the next to be shelved in 2002 when T.U.G. Entertainment shut down the production of her fifth album What? This was a project I would've liked to have heard

Intro 0:27
Can't Trust A Friend(ft. Needa S) 3:42
Zip It Up(ft. Needa S) 3:50
Virginity 3:44
Pop The Question 4:23
Busted 3:44
Sweat 3:19
Way Gone 3:57
Two Minutes 4:19
My Pillow 4:31
Best Friend 3:42
Secretly 3:52