Thursday, June 18, 2015

So Plush: S/T (Advance) (Epic, 2000)

Along with Rhona Bennett and NY rapper Fats, female R&B quartet So Plush were the third and final act to be signed to Jerkins' Darkchild Records imprint of Sony/Epic Records in the early 2000s. They had everything going for them and many big names in the music industry (probably most of whom Jerkins was working with at the time) were quite keen to get their hands on a copy of this album. Jerkins was at this point one of the most in demand producers in the business but sadly for unknown reasons Darkchild Records
never really got off the ground. Rhona's album was only ever available overseas and So Plush were shelved completely after only one single, allegedly because Sony Records chose to promote their other group 3LW instead. While 3LW appealed more to the teen-pop audiences of the early 2000s, So Plush were a little more edgy and along with fellow L.A. group Before Dark had all the ammunition they needed to give Destiny's Child a run for their money. They had the right production, they harmonized better and last of all but not least there was no Beyoncé to hog the verses...Solely produced by Jerkins and his Darkchild team, there isn't one skippable track on this set. Such a shame that inferior groups such as 3LW and P.Y.T. (Epic's female answer to the Backstreet Boys) were given priority over them...

Intro 1:05
What You Do To Me 5:49
Things I Heard Before 4:43
Ain't My Fault 4:46
Phone Messages 3:35*
Yes 4:20
Damn feat. Ja Rule 4:46
Broke The Rules feat. Da Brat 4:33
Fire Burns feat. Keith Sweat 5:05
You Don't Know Me 4:16
More Than Life 5:00
The Fact That You Lied 3:53
He Loves Me 4:29
Time Is Up 3:47
No One Else 4:59
Phone Messages 2 1:20
Hatin' On Me 5:14
It Was You feat. Ashley Ballard 4:35

*features answering phone messages from Funkmaster Flex, Timbaland, Brandy, Tyrese, Nas, Toni Braxton, Pras, Michael Jackson and more asking for their copy of the So Plush album. Obviously scripted but still cool all the same. 

NOTE: Two versions of this album exist, the one I have posted above and a later version with 14 tracks which was quite possibly the final version before  it was to made available in stores. The later version omits the intro, an extra Jerkins phone message skit, the single  Damn (Shoulda Treated You Right) and the Ashley Ballard feature It Was You. It's also worth mentioning that there is a counterfeit CD-R version of the  version I have posted going around so be on the look out for it when considering buying it. The proper media is a factory-pressed blue CD and not a dodgy CD-R with a picture of the group printed on to it!