Saturday, September 26, 2015

Monique Moseé: A Girl Like Me (KNR Entertainment, 2000)

A very short but sweet indie R&B album from Philly-based singer Monique Moseé. A blend of Destiny's Child-esque arrangements, Latin and hip hop vibes with warm, jazzy vocals, it is her one and only album and was released in 2000. Quite contemporary, especially tracks 2 & 3 which sound like they could be lifted from any popular R&B album during the early 2000s but sadly when you exclude all the interludes and the 2 remixes it isn't really any more than six tracks in length... The artist gives props to many popular artists for inspiring her, notably Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Kelly Price, Faith Evans and Monica Arnold.

Destiny (Intro) 0:51
Girl Like Me 3:01
I'm The One 3:15
I'm The One (Interlude) 0:48
Toda A La Noche (All Night Long) 3:33
Give It To You 4:22
S.O.S. (Interlude) 0:36
S.O.S. 3:41
''YOU'' 4:47
Girl Like Me featuring ROC-MONEE 3:11
Toda A La Noche (All Night Long) featuring ''Nitty Gritty" 3:33
Thank You (Outro) 1:56
Hidden Track: Be Careful Where You Hang (Interlude) 3:08