Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Miss J: Curious (Image Records, 200x)

More rare indie R&B out of Tennessee. No date of release is given but I believe that it is post 2000 judging by the use of the term "Crunk" in one song. The style is teen contemporary with Crunk'n'B and bass influences a la Ciara. The vocals aren't great but do remind me slightly of Mya and Ashanti.

Intro 0:45
I'm So Curious 3:35
She's So Fly 3:58
One Wish 2:54
Secrets 3:38
Dance With Me 3:58
My Ladies 3:47
Ways Of The World 3:10
Still Burning 3:41
Why? Skit 1:05
Why? 2:32
Gonna Be Alright 3:29
Miss J 3:16
I'm Saving Myself 3:21
The Heat 3:25
Thinking Of You 4:22
A Hater's Anthem 2:49
I'm Gone 4:06
Get It Crunk 2 Nite 3:25
Believe 4:23