Thursday, July 9, 2015

LovHer: S/T (Album Advance) (Def Soul, 2002)

Along with Isyss, LovHer was another R&B girl group that emerged in the early 2000s that was lost in the hype of Destiny's Child. The group, consisting of members from three different states, was formed by former Dru Hill singer Sisqó, in the late 90s and brought to prominence as Def Soul's first female R&B group in 2002. Unlike Destiny's Child, LovHer had soul and some semblance of street appeal about them but unfortunately their time on the music scene was the shortest yet. After the lackluster performance of their first and only single How It's Gonna Be, the band was dropped from their label and their debut release was cancelled. As far as
I am aware, promotional copies of the album were only ever pressed onto 2x12" vinyl (I am not including the US advance retail sampler CD as only two full songs exist on it) and I was lucky enough to find a fairly decent copy. I was expecting a little more input from Sisqó, (what with this essentially being his band) but aside from a brief feature on track 13, he is totally uninvolved with this project and they are not a female version of Dru Hill at all. No credits are given but if I were to go by sound I would say that Kevin 'She'kspere' Briggs had quite a bit of input on this album. The bubble-popping sounds and the dark symphonic arrangements are synonymous with much of his early work, particularly on track 9. Tales of cheating boyfriends and female empowerment continue on a theme of late 90s/early 2000s R&B. This also makes me wonder whether Kandi Burruss (who frequently wrote the songs that Briggs produced) also had some input. Other known producers are Warryn 'Baby Dub' Campbell and Dragon Records in-house producer Jarod B...

Intro/How It's Gonna Be 4:20
Your Man 3:41
Girls Gonna Do 4:10
Girlfriend (Interlude) 1:26
Girlfriend 3:35
Love 3:33
Do You Know Me 3:23
Don't Leave 3:46
I Don't Want Your Man 3:09
What Could've Been 3:28
Commitment 3:32
Club (Interlude) 0:38
You Don't Know Me (featuring Sisqó)* 3:02
Happy Days 3:04