Saturday, September 26, 2015

La' Trese: S/T (Abdul 215 Entertainment, 2000)

From Philly, yet another early 2000s urban-crossover artist and the daughter of 80s funk guitarist Tony Jones. Mainly an upbeat record with DC-esque R&B-pop songs mixed with a little neo soul. I don't know if it spawned any singles but it is thus far her only full-length release...

(Intro) Creep Alert 0:58
Creepin 4:07
You Just Don't Know 2:56
Love Me Like You 2:56
(Midtro) X 0:15
Can She 3:111
Jonesin 3:52
Never Say Never 4:28
Letters In My Box 4:38
Always On My Mind 3:53
Let Them Know 2:54
U 4:20
My Love 4:35
(Outro) Mail 1:04

1Vocal arrangements by fellow Philly singer Monique Moseé