Friday, July 17, 2015

Honey Jones: Rockin'/I Can Only Be Me (CDM) (Chilltown Records, 1999)

Another decent EP from Jersey artist Honey Jones who could've been the next Brandy or Monica if she'd had the right folks behind her. The EP, which contains 2 main tracks, is a little on the old skool side but is very reminiscent of late 90s Mary J. Blige, particularly during the Share My World era. Sadly her debut LP I Can Only Be Me was not released...

Rockin 4:37
Rockin (Album Mix/No Rap) 4:14
I Can Only Be Me 4:04
I Can Only Be Me (Album Mix) 4:13
Rockin (Knod Your Head Mix) 3:58
Rockin (Accapella) 4:32