Sunday, July 12, 2015

Four Colourz: (BMG Ariola, 2000)

Bay Area female quartet who's debut release was written & recorded in Germany. Their Discogs profile describes them as a pop-rap group but their music is early 2000s R&B in the vein of 3LW with a slight hint of Europop. Not fantastic but certainly one of the better European contemporary R&B groups I've come across along with Juice and Dignity...

Intro 1:18
ABCD 3:33
Dog Me In 0:51
Dog Me Out 3:20
Can You Feel Me 3:54
Who 3:33
Get With You 4:24
Rain On Your Parade 3:54
Anything 3:27
What 4:38
Missing You 3:31
Sisters 3:31
California 3:50
Thank You 0:38