Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Famil: When It Rains (GMG Music Group, 2008)

Debut release from shelved NJ sister quartet Famil and released through Atlanta-based indie label GMG Music Group in 2008. There is very little - if any -  information on it and I basically found it incidentally while searching through the group's back catalog on Amazon. Although 1 song "Gangsta Gangsta" is still streaming on their SoundClick page, there is no mention of the rest of the work anywhere. Somewhat similar to their earlier stuff on Universal with Vincent Herbert, it is mainly sample-heavy R&B but with a slightly more soulful edge. They wrote all the tracks themselves but for one ("Rookie".) Sadly the last thing of interest from this very underrated group. I have no idea if they are still performing together or not but one member Dreamy has since begun trying to carve out a solo career for herself in East Orange, NJ.

Taken from inside booklet:
"Vivacious, sensational, vocalicious, beautiful and dynamic are the adjectives describing this sister quartet called "Famil". This "diva dynasty" was born and bred in "Brick City" fashion (Newark, NJ) and is one of the natural resources hailing from this great city and state. Newark is currently being positioned to be the rebirth of a new "Mecca of music" and Famil will be a part of the continued heritage of famous artists residing from the great state of New Jersey.

The group is comprised of blood sisters, Dreamy, Kristy, Natasha and Jasmine who all bring their own distinct styles of dauntless charisma to the vocal mix. Famil's vocal stylings include rhythm and blues, hip-hop, and the traditional African American church training of gospel music.

Famil, formerly signed with Universal/Motown Records, has since ventured out on their own and remains a powerhouse of kinetic vocal ability ready to take the music game to new heights."

Mic Check 2:57
Hood Chic 2:47
Gangsta Gangsta 3:38
Interlude 0:16
Fanatic 4:56
New Man 4:18
I Got It 3:06
When It Rains 3:17
Oooh Waaa ft Lava 1:45
Maybe 3:19
Maybe Remix 3:38
Money Talk 3:33
Rookie 3:41