Sunday, August 23, 2015

Eboné Soul: I'm Coming Home (LAP Records, 2000)

Another soulful indie duo from the early 2000s, this time from Detroit, Michigan. Unfortunately, again there is little to no information on them but the good news is their album has since been picked up by The Orchard for digital distribution. Their music is contemporary R&B with soul and hip hop influences but with a slightly harder edge than many of the others I've posted so far. My only complaint is, at 34 minutes long, it is rather a short project...

Intro 0:24
Some Things Never Change 3:19
I Want You 3:40
I'm Coming Home 4:36
I Wanna Know If You're Sexual 3:39
In Love With A Gangsta 3:53
Girl Night Out 3:15
That Voice 3:44
Sinister 4:17
It's You 4:01

Listen here.