Monday, June 22, 2015

Malaysa: Finally ! (Mae Dae Records/NuMillennium Distribution Group Inc., 2002)

Moving away from groups, I shall now give a brief mention to a few of the more decent-sounding female soloists who released independently in the late 90s and early 2000s. While a a lot of collectors heap hype, prestige and value on indie-soul artists - regardless of the quality of the vocals or the production used - I am a little more strict. I won't waste anybody's time here on vanity projects from failed singers that are relatively tone-deaf or any production that sounds outdated or like it was composed during a junior high school music lesson. And so we begin with the above singer who was based out of L.A. in the early 2000s and had a sound and persona similar to Mary J. Blige. This appears to be her one and only release, possibly on her own label, and is a blend of hip hop soul and contemporary R&B with G-Funk and southern influences. I don't think that it spawned any actual singles and aside from appearing as a featured vocalist for a dance/house act in 2011, the artist herself sadly no longer appears to be active. Definitely one of the stand-out ones so far.

Movin' On 3:36 1
Private Party 3:58
Your Wrong 3:46
One Of Those Things 3:54
I Wanna Party (Original) 3:32
Weekend Girl 3:27
Don't Know 3:49
I Wanna Party ( Kotic Remix) 3:43
Double Life 4:08
Serious 4:45
Serious (Extended Mix) 7:18
Bonus Track : I Don't Give A Damn 4:21