Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lyric: He Did What!! (International Pocket Records, 1999)

Not the same group that were signed to Clive Davis' J Records label in the early 2000s but another earlier independent group from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Their style was predominantly old skool, a mixture of G-Funk, smooth R&B and quiet storm sensibilities with big soul diva vocals. This was their one and only album and as far as I can tell, the only thing that the label International Pocket Records ever released. The label, based out of Tennessee, was owned and run by singer-songwriter David Porter.

All About Him 4:05
Why Envy Me 4:30
I'm All That 4:03
Is There Anybody Out There 5:10
Your Love Was Cool 4:51
Should I Trust U 4:31
I Grew Up (Just 4 U) 4:28
Stormy Nights 4:31
Cloud #9 4:56
Why Can't U Hear Me 4:19
It's All On U 4:40