Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Forshé: Virginity (Eddie Holland dba Holland Group, 2001)

Another fairly decent indie R&B group, this time signed by Edward Holland (formally of Holland-Dozier-Holland) in the late 90s-early 2000s. They released two singles (Someone Else's Guy and Dog Food) which pretty much went unnoticed and their album was not an easy one to find. Definitely one of the best so far though. Very contemporary-sounding and pretty much in line with many other late 90s/early 2000s female R&B groups already mentioned on this blog, but if I could compare them with anyone specifically it would probably be TLC. They definitely have their same in-your-face attitude as regards the opposite sex, something that I've only ever seen a few other female groups pull off without sounding cheesy or just plain silly. All tracks are R&B with the exception of track 15 which sounds like it was inspired in part by Janet's 1993 song Throb...

Dog Food 4:15
Interlude Virginity (With Maia) 1:25
Won't Get It 3:51
Never Tell 4:39
My World Is Empty Without You (Love Is Empty Without You) 4:21
Don't Like Us Like That 4:27
Someone Else's Guy 4:11
Just What A Woman Wants 4:20
Checked In, Checked Out 4:15
Lover Come Over 4:25
Nothin' Comes But Mornin' 4:24
When It Comes 4:35
Interlude Virginity (With Kelli) 1:14
Body Shop 3:44
Beat It Up 3:38
Dog Food (Johnny Terry Version) 3:58
Won't Get It (Brian Wilson Version) 4:20