Friday, April 17, 2015

Elūsion: Think About It!!!! (RCA, 1998)

Another hidden female R&B group from the late 90s, this time comprised of two sets of identical twins and marketed as the urban equivalent of The Spice Girls formula (presumably because of the gimmicks with their clothes and personas.) This was their one and only album with RCA Records and spawned two singles Reality and Medicine back in  '97 and '98. Being more of a fan of the later urban-crossover stuff, I previously disregarded them for being simply too old skool but this really is an amazingly smooth album. Production comes from Tim & Bob, Mass Order and a pre-fame Missy Elliott who wrote and composed track 2 Good And Plenty. Alas, it wasn't much of a success and the group were later lost in the plethora of similar newbies at the time such as Allure and Destiny's Child (for the first time.) It's a shame as it would've been quite interesting to see what they would've eventually turned into. Old but gold.

Reality 4:30
Good And Plenty 3:34
Give It Up 3:17
How Can U 4:00
I Need A Real Man 4:09
Bring That Lovin' On 4:32
Gotta Have It 5:05
Medicine 4:16
Pretty Baby 4:10
Chillin' 4:14
Better Think About It 4:03