Wednesday, July 1, 2015

AJA: S/T (Big 3 Records, 2003)

After focusing on predominantly African-American artists for my forgotten female R&B groups section, now I shall give a brief mention of a few of the more R&B-ish Caucasian ones that were active in early 2000s. Unfortunately many of them went the route of The Spice Girls but there were a few that tried to appeal to the urban market. Alas a good majority of them still had more in common with Britney Spears than TLC but among the very few that I could find that really stood out was this sister duo from St George, Utah.  Signed to independent pop label Big 3 Records during the early 2000s, this was their one and only album and features contributions from Bad Boy's Mario Winans and rapper Biz Markie. Though I wouldn't go all out and call them an R&B group necessarily it definitely stands apart from the other more poppy stuff by similar artists from this era, such as with the label's previous group Mpress and Fergie's former group Wild Orchid. Even P.Diddy could not get his group Dream to sound this cool.

Movin' On (Prod. by Mario Winans) 4:13
Shake It Baby 4:27
Mmm Yeah (With You) 4:35
He's All Mine 4:01
Sunshine 3:32
Missing You Interlude 1:48
Missing You 5:29
Shy 4:00
I Know 4:08
On And On [Featuring Biz Markie] 3:34
[Make It Hot] Hotter 4:13
The Heartbreak 3:42
Friends 3:31