Sunday, July 12, 2015

3rd Faze: S/T (Edel Entertainment, 2001)

DC-meets-Britney with former touring group 3rd Faze who were at one point poised for big things but unfortunately owing to epic bad decisions by their management and former Columbia Records CEO Tommy Motolla found themselves dropped within a year. Thankfully, they were more influenced by DC than Spears though there are one or two cheesy pop stinkers that I avoid. Mostly produced by little known producers who do a good job of emulating urban pop sounds from the years preceding, particularly from Rodney Jerkins and a few others. Not really in the same league as AJA but not bad for what was essentially a children's group at the time...

Shy 3:12
World Of Make Believe 3:26
If Ever You Feel the Need 4:46
Over You 3:12
Go Slow 2:59
Chameleon 3:54
Not Like Her 3:29
Throw the Roses 3:28
They Don't Know You 3:02
How Can You Tell 3:06
Dance 3:57
Boy You Gotta Go 3:19
Believe 3:46
Go for It 1:57