Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ora: N V So (CDM) (Blacklisted Records, 1999)

Continuing on with forgotten and rare female R&B groups of the late 90s & early 2000s, I am now going to give props to a few decent sounding indie ones, beginning with this all-female Filipino singing quartet from the late 90s. Signed to Blacklisted Records between 1998-1999, they enjoyed some success in Toronto, Canada, but I don't know if their full-length album Ora...Mismo Right Here, Right Now was ever released. Very contemporary-sounding, they weren't as well-known as the other Filipino-American R&B group One Vo1ce (who were based out of California) but they were definitely more soulful. Among those to be impressed back then included the legendary Teddy Riley but unfortunately the sessions with him never went past the demo stage and nothing has been heard from them since.

N V So (featuring Tha Renegade) 4:11
Quit Stressin' (Rock Steelo Remix) 6:03
Quit Stressin' (Album Mix) 4:01
Can't Stop (Bonus Track) 4:49