Saturday, May 2, 2015

Nicole Wray: Elektric Blue Sampler (The Gold Mind/Elektra, 2001)

Further unreleased music from Elektra records, this time from Missy Elliott's former protegee Nicole (Wray), who, along with Gina Thompson, Lil' Mo and Tamia, had an entire album "shelved" by them in the early 2000s. Wray's 1998 debut Make It Hot was certified gold but her follow-up album "Elektric Blue" was thrown into the recycling bin after just one single, the DJ Eddie F.-produced I'm Lookin. The album, along with Gina Thompson's sophomore release If Only You Knew, was scheduled to be released via Elliott's own vanity label The Goldmind Inc. in 2001. As far as I am aware, only this 4-trk sampler featuring snipped versions of I'm Lookin,'  Bangin', Wanna Cruise and No Joke was ever made available but word around
the camp fire is that the whole album was released in Japan (presumably as a promo only.) This 4-trk sampler is really only one track that clocks in at about 12 minutes in length and is laid out in the form of a traditional mix-tape hosted by and featuring Elliott. Elliott introduces the set and each track on it and there are also short excerpts of other songs mixed in, notably Talk With Time, which appears at the very end as a 'bonus cut.' Rare music from yet another underrated artist but has since been plagiarized online in the form of numerous unofficial mix-tapes.

I'm Lookin' (Amended Version)
Wanna Cruise (Snippet)
No Joke (featuring Redman) (Snippet)
Bangin' (featuring Prodigy) (Amended Version)