Monday, May 11, 2015

Mariah Carey: Mi Todo (Mexican CDM) (Columbia, 1998)

Super-rare import of Carey's third Spanish-language song and released to the Mexican market only in 1998. At one point it was sold freely in stores such as Blockbuster in Mexico and Peru and these days fetches prices of $300 and upwards on eBay. It is one of Carey's rarest singles along with many she released to the Latin-American market in the mid to late 90s. Many included exclusive Latin remixes that weren't included on any domestic release. While most were for radio play only, to my knowledge, Mi Todo was the one and only that got an actual commercial release there. It is backed by exclusive remixes of the singer's previous song Butterfly by Brazilian artists DJ Memê and DJ Grego. A big thank you to Martin from Peru for this wonderful rarity :-)

Mi Todo 3:51
Butterfly (Meme's Extended Mix - Part 1 & 2) 8:45
Butterfly (Sambatterfly) 8:24
Butterfly (Classic Bossa Nova) 4:14
My All 3:53

If anybody has the further Mexican promo CD featuring remixes of Mi Todo and is interested in trading, contact me here. Any audio rips sent to me have to be in 320kbps (mp3) or higher (please don't send me the 128kbps rips that have been circulating online for years) and must include authentic full scans of everything.