Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lil' Mo: Based On A True Story (Advance) (Elektra/EastWest, 1999)

The second unreleased version of Mo's debut album, this time featuring the much sought-after unused Missy Elliott collaborations Starstruck and Club 2G. While the first promo I posted appeared to be a professionally made bootleg this one is an authentic Elektra promo with a catalog# of 2-623794-P. For some reason, the back cover uses the same catalog# (2A-62374) from a later promo from 2001; however both are different (the later one has the same track-list as the released product and includes no unreleased
tracks.) How this mistake came to happen I do not know but for the longest time the previous bootleg I posted was listed on Discogs under the above one's catalog# making a lot of people (including me) confused until I compared both. This version of the album was to follow her second single, the Shep Crawford-produced Ta Da but Elektra saw fit to push it back again and scrap almost half of it for the second time around, presumably because they still couldn't agree on the best sound. The songs ejected include More Than You Know, What About The Children, Starstruck, Club 2G and a further Shep Crawford production Why. The first two tracks were also included on the earlier bootleg I posted and were produced by Flava Hood. Again, many of these tracks (especially the Missy collaborations) were far superior to the garbage that did end up on the album in the end. A big thanks to Neil for giving me the opportunity to add this gem to my collection :-)

What with this and the previous unofficial advance, I really see no reason to ever by the actual official album.  

Intro 1:56
My Story 3:06
She'd Never Be Me 5:14
How Many Times 4:35
Ta Da 4:21
Starstruck 4:06
Club 2G (Featuring Naam) 3:53
Saturday 3:59
The Playa Not The Game 4:25
Why 4:40
Time After Time 5:29
More Than You Know 4:09
What About The Children 4:10
Outro 1:12