Friday, May 8, 2015

Kéllé Bryan: I Wanna Know (UK Promo CDS) (Mercury, 2000)

Proposed second single from former Eternal member Kéllé Bryan and was to follow the release of Higher Than Heaven in 1999. Both the single and Bryan's then-forthcoming album Breakfast In Bed were scrapped following her diagnosis with Lupus and then the management company 1st Avenue went into a crisis stage and she and many other artists on their roster found themselves out of work permanently. Sadly, as with her previous release, the above song is nothing to write home about. While Higher Than Heaven sounded like an Eternal reject from the mid-90s, I Wanna Know sounds like a Billie Piper or Atomic Kitten cast-off. It seems that her management couldn't decide on whether to market her to pop fans or as a clone of Michelle Gayle. Regardless, I would've still liked to have heard her complete album...

If anybody is lucky enough to own the 3-trk single which features I Wanna Know (Sunship Mix) and My Heart Wants To Be Where You Are and feels like trading or selling, please feel free to contact me here. The same also goes for anybody who owns a copy of her debut album or a possible sampler.