Monday, May 18, 2015

Fayze: First Move (VLS) (Prime Cut Records, 1991)

Courtesy of iAmDopeBeats Catalog, Missy Elliott's first ever recording with her former group Fayze on 12" vinyl. It was one of many songs that the group recorded before they were signed to a major label and had a limited release on 12" vinyl and cassette only in 1991. Timbaland's role here is not clear; after doing some research it is of my opinion that he and Elliott met after the group had long turned into Sista but I could be wrong. As Sista they later released one single and recorded a full-length album For All Da Sistas Around Da World but in the fashion of many other artists signed to the doomed Elektra/EastWest label, it quickly went unreleased...

Produced by Kevin Rodgers & Sean Sessome.

First Move [LP Version - Original] 3:25
First Move [Vocal Mix - A cappella] 2:11
First Move [Extended Remix - Rap] 4:29
First Move [Underground Demo] 4:42