Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Cheri Dennis: Sampler (Promo CDr) (Bad Boy Entertainment, 2006) (Original post from 5/27/15)

Cheri Dennis had been doing work for Combs since the early 2000s when she provided vocals for the 2001 Bad Boy Entertainment album The Saga Continues... Unfortunately, it would be almost eight years until she would have an album of her own and even then it was not without being pushed back at least once while Combs was preoccupied, as it seems, with his new manufactured girl group Dainty Kane. Dennis' debut album was slated for release in June of 2006 but didn't see the light of day properly until 2008 when it was finally released as a physical CD. This early CD-R sampler, issued some time in 2006, features two tracks that were later cut from the final track-listing, one of
which It's So Good can only be found here. I often wondered how the sound of Combs' former flagship female act Faith Evans would've progressed had she stayed with the label and Dennis' body of work is a pretty good rendition of that, vocally and musically (though on track 3 of this sampler Dennis sounds quite similar vocally to Keyshia Cole.) Just goes to show that Combs was still capable of putting out quality music in 2008. It's a shame he never gave this chick the promotion she deserved over the other lesser talented singer Cassie Ventura...

Unfortunately, this CD had to be ripped via an analog cable from a $12 thrift store CD player as the copy-protection (MSI Copy Control!) on it rendered it completely unplayable in a conventional PC drive. I tried a good many things to get it to work but even Exact Audio Copy would not recognize the disc as being an audio CD. The resulting sound quality - from an analog audio cable fed from the player's earphone jack - is still pretty good, as good if not better than a 192kbps mp3 and certainly cleaner than any vinyl rip.  I don't know for certain, but I believe that the music on this sampler is unmastered. 

I Love You 4:35
All Right 3:56
Remind You 3:53
So Complete (Remix) 4:37
Caught Up 4:23
It's So Good 4:17