Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3LW: S/T (Limited Edition Bonus Disc) (Epic, 2000)

Not a big fan of this group but alas they are a necessary evil for my early 2000s R&B groups anthology.  Aimed more at teen pop fans than the urban market, they were probably in the top 5 of popular female groups back then until they lost a member (Naturi Naughton), gained a lot of bad press for it and never fully recovered. The group's second album tanked in the charts and a third album was shelved completely after one single. The two remaining members (Adrienne Bailon & Kiely Williams) later went on to join the Disney Channel group The Cheetah Girls. During the height of their popularity, 3LW sold 1.3 million copies of their debut album in the US and it was popular enough at one point to warrant a special "Limited Edition" with a bonus disc featuring three b-side tracks. One of them Never Let Go was produced by Kevin 'She'kspere' Briggs and originally featured on the Down To Earth soundtrack (though the version featured is the remix, not the original.) The album mostly consists of teen-pop songs with a slight R&B edge. Comparisons to Destiny's Child were lofty at best and the lead singer's voice is extremely grating. Rodney Jerkins' female group So Plush (who were also signed to the Epic label at the same time as these girls) were definitely better.

No More (Baby I'ma Do Right) 4:24
Is You Feelin' Me 4:17
Playas Gon' Play 4:44
Gettin Too Heavy 4:38
I'm Gonna Make You Miss Me 4:37
Not This Time 3:20
More Than Friends (That's Right) 3:54
Curious 4:50
'Til I Say So 3:58
Crush On You 4:00
Ocean 4:45
I Can't Take It [No More Remix] 4:26
Never Let Go 4:06
I Think You Should Know 3:18
Dear Diary 4:16