Wednesday, May 13, 2015

JS: Ice Cream (DreamWorks, 2003)

JS (an acronym for Johnson Sisters) was yet another duo to emerge with the onslaught of new R&B girl groups in the early 2000s. The brainchild of R. Kelly and The Isley Brothers they were Changing Faces Y2K but did not replicate their success. Signed to DreamWorks in 2003, they only ever released one single and I don't think it ever had a very wide release, just radio only from what I can tell. Compared to the others, their album is pretty mid-tempo but they do have pretty decent voices. As a whole Kelly did a good job of producing it though most of it could've done without his needless shouting in the background...

Love Angel 4:35
Someone 4:00
Ice Cream 3:23
Bye Bye 3:38
Slow Grind 3:46
Half 3:54
Ice Cream (Remix) 3:57
Baby, Come On (Album Version) 3:28
Don't Turn Away (Interlude) 1:27
Stay (Album Version) 4:55
Handle Your Business feat. Ronald Isley 4:09
Stay Right Here 3:55
Right Here With Me 4:15
Sister 4:14