Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gyrl: Play Another Slow Jam (CDM) (MCA/Silas, 1995)

Comprised of Mila J (then known as Jamila Chilombo), her sister Miyoko and Paulette Maxwell, Gyrl was another venture from Chris Stokes that went nowhere in the 90s. Like Kelli Ball (K-Ball), they originally worked with boy group Immature as backing dancers and initially went by the name "Innocence" before changing their name to Gyrl in 1995.The above single was the only release to feature Maxwell, who was later replaced by Glorika "Jeanae'" Briley and Tai-Amber Hoo in 1997. It didn't perform that well and it took a further two years before they released anything else. Sadly this was only the beginning of failed projects from Stokes and the Chilombo girls in particular.

Play Another Slow Jam (Single Version) 4:14
Play Another Slow Jam (Extended Slow Jam) 6:23
Play Another Slow Jam (Hooked Up Radio Edit) 4:13
Play Another Slow Jam (Hooked Up Radio Edit With Rap) 4:32
Play Another Slow Jam (Mystro's Extended Grind Mix) 5:58