Monday, September 21, 2015

Dame Four: How We Roll (Unreleased) (2005)

I usually don't bother with anything that I don't own a physical copy of but there are a few things that I will make an exception for providing that it was intended to be part of a legitimate album and not just a bunch of loose tracks. While many unreleased albums can be found as advances or even masters, a lot of others never even made physical format at at all. Continuing on with my current kick for early 2000s female R&B groups and duos, we begin this limited - and I mean very limited - section with Mila J's former group Dame Four or Dame for short. Managed by Chris Stokes and signed to his T.U.G. Entertainment roster in the mid
2000s, the group released one single "How We Roll" and then in the fashion of the previous group TG4, they disappeared off the face of the Earth completely. Regardless, owing to the popularity of Mila J these days, the whole thing has since appeared on the internet in full and I was fortunate enough to listen to it. Sound-wise, they were somewhere between TG4 and Cherish - lazy, hushed vocals over futuristic dance-pop melodies and straddling an era when contemporary R&B seemed to shift more towards the wanton electro-trash of nowadays. It's not bad but the more R&B-oritentated stuff Stokes produced for his sister Juanita 'Smooth' Stokes was certainly better. Her sophomore album "What?" was abandoned by Stokes in 2003; this was a project I would've liked to have heard...

How We Roll 3:19
I Already Knew 2:51
Everytime I Turn Around 3:34
Maybe 3:25
Never Gonna Give It To Ya 3:21
Turn You Out 4:11
Cheatin' 4:20
Sad Song 3:26
Get Over You 3:18
Complete 4:02
You're Like Music 3:30
Things You Do 4:02
My Everything 3:34