Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blaque: S/T (Trackmasters Records LLC./Columbia, 1999)

Continuing on with side/vanity projects from already established artists, here is another notable female group from the late 90s. While Allure was Mariah's invention, this briefly successful female trio was the brainchild of TLC's Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes. Also signed to Poke and Tone's Trackmasters Records, they had two top 10 hits before their success ran out in 2002. At the height of their success they were compared to TLC but aside from Natina Reed's lyrical style of rapping, they really didn't sound much like them at all. Mostly very
watered-down R&B bordering on teen-pop, they had more in common with 3LW although they were vastly superior singers. For instance, I don't think any of the ladies of 3LW could pull off a Mariah Carey song the way Shamari Fears did on track 10. Originally written for Rainbow in 1999, the song (Don't Go Looking For Love) eventually found its way here where Fears did a stunning job of singing it the way Carey had intended, ad-libs and all. Blaque definitely had a lot of potential but it seems they sadly died with their mentor Lopes. After their run of success ended in the early 2000s, they were dropped from Columbia Records and their sophomore release Blaque Out! was shelved indefinitely...

Blaque Ivory Intro    0:37
Roll With Me    3:42
I Do    3:27
Leny    4:20
Rainbow Drive    3:49
808    5:07
Time After Time    4:06
Bring It All To Me (Featuring N' Sync)    3:38
Mind Of A King    3:57
Don't Go Looking For Love    4:02
Release Me    3:03
Right Next To Me    5:27
Stay By Your Side    3:25
When The Last Teardrop Falls    4:37