Monday, October 12, 2015

Amari: Sunshine (Promo CDr) (Tommy Boy/EastWest, 1998)

Further unreleased music from Washington DC-based trio Amari and a further casualty from the terrible EastWest Records who it seems have the biggest back-catalog of shelved albums on this Earth. Originally set to be released in the late 90s, the album's lead single "Callin' (Will You Players Ever Learn?)" was featured on the Soundtrack to the 1997 motion picture "Ride." Another song "Get Down With Me" was featured on the soundtrack to the Martin Lawrence movie "Nothing To Lose." Unfortunately, due to unknown
circumstances, the album never saw the light of day. Not only was it never released in the United States but limited promotional copies were only ever pressed in Germany so it is super impossible to find anywhere else. It's an old-skool soul record, with mainly hip hop soul and smooth R&B sensibilities. Similarities can be drawn with TLC, particularly during the "CrazySexyCool" era, but maybe not quite as raunchy. The best thing about it is that it features all mostly original material. Aside from borrowed elements from Diana Ross' 1976 song "Love Hangover" (on track 13 "Be Out"), the rest of the material is all sample free. Producers include a pre-Darkchild Rodney Jerkins and former LaFace producer Jerome Jefferson.

Callin 3:44
You're All I Need 5:07
Would You Mind 4:26
What You Gonna Do 3:30
Sunshine 3:56
Funk You Up 4:26
I Don't Mind 4:06
Loddi Doddi 3:26
I Like It 3:32
I've Heard That Shit Before 3:50
Get Down With Me 4:03
My Own Thing 4:19
Be Out 4:02
I See No Reason 5:18
I Got Love On My Mind 4:58
Callin ( Remix ) 3:47

More about the group here.