Monday, March 16, 2015

Monica: All Eyez On Me [JP retail] (J Records, 2002)

Along with Lyric and fellow solo R&B singer Joi Campbell, Monica Arnold was another one who lost a whole album due to record label politics in the early 2000s. Rather than blame themselves for not promoting their artists properly, in this case the record label were quick to point the finger at bootleggers and file-sharing services for supposedly depreciating it. Though projects from Lyric and Campbell sadly never saw the light of day, Arnold was at least lucky enough to get a limited release in Japan for those who were lucky enough to afford it. Some tracks later appeared on her subsequent release After The Storm but a lot of the best ones did not, such as the brilliant U Deserve (produced by longtime collaborator Dallas Austin) and many of the tight productions by Jermaine Dupri. Altogether All Eyez On Me has an altogether more personal feel than After The Storm which, aside from So Gone, seemed to be comprised of mostly filler material...

I'm Back 3:35
All Eyez On Me 4:04
U Should've Known 4:18
Too Hood 4:04
I Wrote This Song 3:49
U Deserve 4:24
Breaks My Heart 4:27
Ain't Gonna Cry No More 4:11
If U Were The Girl 3:52
What Hurts The Most 4:44
Searchin' 4:30
Just Another Girl [*] 3:23
What My Heart Says [*] 4:02