Tuesday, April 7, 2015

K-Ball: On My Way (Advance) (Warner Bros, 1997)

Another shelved album, this time by Kelli Ball who was a former backing singer for MCA R&B group Immature. Managed and produced by Chris Stokes, Ball - who stylized herself as K-Ball - disappeared after only one single despite high hopes from her record company Warner Bros. Sadly this was to be a repeating pattern for anybody associated with Stokes, particularly for females; in the 90s his first girl group Gyrl disappeared after only two singles and in the 2000s two further groups signed to his T.U.G. Entertainment roster TG4 and Dame Four also found themselves being given the short end of the stick.Other notable people formally associated with him that also lost out on contracts include his own sister Juanita "Smooth" Stokes, Mila J and Jhené Aiko. Regardless, I cannot fault his ability to produce top R&B tracks which is demonstrated here to the fullest on the above release, which was shelved by the label in 1997. Mostly produced by Stokes and a pre-Darkchild Rodney Jerkins, it is a mixture of 90s funky hip hop soul and smooth R&B cuts.

After the above project was sadly cancelled, Ball turned her attention to writing and producing for other artists, most notably her sister's group Damozel who were briefly signed to MCA Records in the early 2000s.

On The Weekend featuring Rodney Jerkins 3:57
Do It On The Upside 4:22
Love Matters featuring Rodney Jerkins 4:09
Wish Upon A Star 4:17
Everything's Alright 4:12
Special Way 3:29
How I Feel 4:22
All Of Me 4:29
1 Dozen Roses 4:34
(Oh Baby) Come My Way 3:51
On My Way 4:05
Mind Trippin' featuring Waterbug of Wataz 3:39
I Can't Deny 3:54
Do It On The Upside featuring Dat Nigga Daz of Tha Dogg Pound 4:30