Tuesday, March 31, 2015

F.A.T.E. Just Because (Unreleased Remixes) (Promo CDr) (Ghetto Works/Warner Bros, 2000)

Super rare CD-R from Queen Latifah's group F.A.T.E. featuring the unreleased remixes of their one and only single "Just Because." The song, released in 2000, never had any actual remixes but evidently some were commissioned. Unfortunately, this disc is just a test copy and was never intended for actual production, not even for promotional purposes. Tracks 1 & 2 feature an uncredited appearance from Sporty Thievz and Grand Puba. It isn't the same remix as featured on the bootleg 12" I posted earlier but the vocal track is the same. I don't know for certain but I believe that the Track Kings, or "Track Kingz" as they are stylized, are a southern hip hop production outfit that later went on to produce songs for numerous high-profile rap artists such as Ludicris and Shawnna in the mid-2000s. I am unsure as to who the producer on the 'Quiet Storm Remix' is but it does sound slightly un-mastered; something about it makes me wonder if they sourced the acappella (which uses the original vocals) from the 12" vinyl single.

Special thanks to Nik over at rnb-you-never-knew.blogspot.com for this most-wanted addition to my collection!