Sunday, March 8, 2015

F.A.T.E.: For All That's Endured (Warner Bros, 2000)

Another group to emerge at the turn of the millennium, this time the brainchild of Queen Latifah and one of the few acts to be signed to her Flavor Unit Entertainment production company in the late 90s. While the group themselves bear more than a passing visual similarity to DC3 (even though around the time that this album was released DC were still a quartet), a few tracks wouldn't have sounded out of place on their earlier albums. Some are a little old skool-sounding and track 4 bears more than a similarity to UK group Eternal's 1999 song What'cha Gonna Do (both songs were produced by The Characters) but overall this is quite an enjoyable album despite having very low-key producers. Unfortunately, they were no match for DC even when they were a quadruplet and after this album dropped, they pretty much faded back into obscurity...

Falling 4:38
Hooked 4:53
They'll Never Be 4:38
Just Because 4:17
If I Tell You Yes 3:53
Bring Your Love 3:55
No More Games 4:08
Soon as You Get Paid 4:45
I Don't Need Your Money 4:37
Why Am I Holding On 5:21
For Sure 4:07
Get Wit' Me 4:32