Thursday, January 23, 2020

Famil: Universal Records (2003-2004) (Original post from 3/14/15)

Yet another R&B girl group to emerge at the same time as the others, this time the brainchild of Vincent Herbert. Nowadays Herbert stars in a brain-dead reality show with his wife, current flavor of the week Tamar Braxton, but back in the day he was a hit record producer, producing hits for Tamar's sister Toni, DC and Aaliyah, among others. This New Jersey sister quartet, quietly active on Universal Records between 2003-2004, have three singles "Oh No", "You Belong To Me" and "Die For You" under their belt but there's barely a mention of them anywhere. To be realistic, none of them ever got a wide release with their debut "Oh No" (which was a double-A side with the Herbert-produced "Finer Things") the only one of the three
not to go straight to radio. They had more of a sample-rich hip hop sound and didn't really fall into the same category as those vying to be the 'next Destiny's Child' e.g. Isyss, Tha' Rayne and Cherish. Along with Sisqó's group LovHer, Famil could out-sing Destiny's Child at the drop of a hat but simply never got the promotion they deserved over lesser talented acts such as JoJo and random rubbish rappers. The same fate was to befall many others signed to Universal at the time including Dani Stevenson and Tiffany Villareall. Unfortunately I don't think Famil ever recorded an album but did release one independently in 2007, which I shall be posting in due course.

Oh No/Finer Things (VLS) (2003) 
Oh No (Main) 2:57 *
Oh No (Instrumental) 2:56
Oh No (Acappella) 2:56
Finer Things feat. Mr Cheeks 3:35**
*Produced by Full Force. **Produced by Vincent Herbert.

You Belong To Me feat. Raekwon (Promo VLS) (2004)
You Belong To Me (Radio Edit) 3:55
You Belong To Me (No Rap) 3:52
You Belong To Me (Main Version) 4:53
You Belong To Me (Instrumental) 4:56
You Belong To Me (Acappella) 4:41
 Produced by Easy Mo Be

Die For You (Promo CDM) (2004)
Radio Edit 3:12
Instrumental 4:02
Call Out Hook 0:17
Produced by Buckwild