Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Damozel: You Don't Know Me Like That (Advance) (MCA, 2000)

Another shelved R&B group, this time the brainchild of another shelved artist from the 90s Kelli Ball (AKA K-Ball.) Ball  formed and created the 4-piece group but their debut album You Don't Know Me Like That was shelved after just one single. The album - featuring input from Ball herself, Dave "Jam" Hall, Travon Potts, Willie Briggs (Kevin 'She'kspere' Briggs) and many others - was eventually re-tooled for release the following year but again it was shelved after their second single Everyday's A Party did not do as well as expected. Because of it being shelved by MCA Records not once but twice, two different album advances exist with separate catalog numbers and different track-listings. Both are rare and go for large sums of money ($80+) but the earlier 13-track advance which I was lucky enough to find is undoubtedly the rarer of the
two. I have been fortunate enough to listen to the later version and I must say that I do prefer this earlier version a lot more. The earlier omitted tracks are more upbeat, though I did enjoy Everyday's A Party. The vocal-stylings remind me somewhat of Brandy Norwood's, particularly from earlier on in her career though the biggest influence was undoubtedly Ball, whose actual sister Lisa was a member. It's a shame that neither of these promos got a commercial release. Along with the shelved work by Sisqo's group LovHer and Whitney's group Sunday, this album is truly a lost gem. Not a dull moment on it.

EDIT: Despite what many people choose to think, Poke and Tone (The Trackmasters) were not involved in the production of this album. Producers here include Amon Flanagan, Designated Hitters, Travon Potts, Willie Briggs, Touch Tone and Dave Hall.

Intro 0:59
Could I 4:52
You Don't Know Me Like That 4:18
Best Friend 3:50
Sunshine 4:24
This Is How We Roll 4:20
No More 4:45
Disrespectful 5:11
Trials & Tribulations 5:02
She Don't Love You 4:18
Give It To Me Straight 4:50
You Don't Know Me Like That (Featuring Rah Digga) 4:40
Outro 0:57

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