Saturday, February 14, 2015

Her Sanity: Xclusive (Motown, 2002)

Along with Isyss, LovHer and Lyric, Her Sanity was yet another short-lived R&B girl group that came out of the hype of DC in the early 2000s. They were signed to Motown records in 2002 and this is their one and only full-length release. It straddled the more soul-inspired stuff from the 90s and later urban-crossover stuff quite nicely and featured contributions from Jazz Nixon (Montell Jordan), Laney Stewart (brother of Christopher 'Tricky' Stewart) and Kiyamma Griffin (Mary J. Blige). It spawned one single Xclusive (featuring The Lox) that achieved some degree of success on underground mixtape circuits but sadly it went no further.

 Features a hidden track "Thank You" following track 12. 

Suga Rain 3:29
Let's Pop 2:45
Yes, No, Maybe 4:11
Xclusive [Radio Edit] 4:03
I Can't Begin 4:30
Can't Nobody 4:05
Can I Be Sure 4:02
How Did She Know 3:28
Betcha Wouldn't Know 3:40
Ain't No Way 3:30
Don't Bother Me 6:40