Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rhona: S/T [JP Retail] (Epic Records In'l, 2001)

Before she joined En Vogue, Rhona Bennett was one of a handful of acts signed to Jerkins' Darkchild Records imprint for Sony/Epic Records in the early 2000s along with rapper Fats and female R&B quartet So Plush. Unfortunately, possibly owing to Epic over exceeding their budget ($30 million!) on Michael Jackson's comeback album at around the same time, Bennett never got the promotion she deserved and plans for a domestic release of this collection was shelved. Instead it saw a limited release in some European countries and in Japan (where it was issued with a bonus Darkchild remix of the one and only single Satisfied.) Though I am guilty of preferring Jerkins' more poppier arrangements, this is a good album. It's a lot maturer than his other work from that time, though the bonus remix of Satisfied sounds a lot like something Brandy might've done.

Satisfied 4:23
The Best Of Me 4:33
Take What Comes To You 3:52
The First Time 5:20
Last Goodbye 4:20
Time Will Tell 5:02
Miss The Way 4:01
I Will 4:57
I Want To Know What Love Is 4:40
Look To The Sky 4:31
The Meaning Of Love 4:35
Satisfied (Another Darkchild Remix) 4:45