Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Isyss: The Way We Do (Arista, 2002)

Up till now, I've usually only made it a point to buy singles and promotional items, many of them long out of print and certainly unavailable on Amazon or any other digital outlets but then I realized that in doing this, I was missing out on a lot of good stuff. Due to my own reservations, I would never actually buy a digital album (I buy only physical items for my collection) but I have decided to revisit some slept-on stuff and forgotten gems from yesteryears when modern R&B music was still worth listening to (for me anyways.) The rappers were few, auto-tune was a gimmick and most importantly the producers were still good...

The first such act is ISYSS (an acronym for Intelligent Sexy Young Soul Sisters.) Due to the then increasing popularity of Destiny's Child, only a handful of groups like these survived back then. This quartet, signed to Arista Records and guided by Antonio 'LA' Reid, sadly wasn't one of them. After two singles (neither of which would make it into the top 100) and one full-length album, they were 'dropped' from their label due to poor sales. It's a shame really as they were a lot more edgy than DC who, by the time Survivor rolled around, were perusing a more poppy and inoffensive sound. Contributors include the writing/production genius of Kevin 'She'kspere' Briggs and former Xscape vocalist Kandi Burruss, Anthony Dent and ex-Ruff Ryders producer Tyrice Jones.

Intro 0:42
That's The Way We Do (Part I) 3:17
Day & Night (Remix) 3:51
Holla At Me 4:26
Oh No She Didn't 4:11
No Na Na 3:46
Stood Up 3:31
Hater 3:18
Single For The Rest Of My Life 3:56
Uh Uh, Uh Uh 4:01
Not Letting Him Go 3:39
Beautiful U 3:51
Message 2 U 4:07
The Way We Do (Part II) 3:34
Unladylike 3:29
Thank You Lord (Outro) 1:29
Day & Night (Original Version) 3:31