Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ericka Yancey: Ericka (Advance Music) (RCA, 1997)

Along with the 'shelving' of Coko's sophomore album Music Doll in the early 2000s, here is yet another massive let down from RCA Records. Yancey, then only 18, was signed to the label in 1997 and released two singles So Good and Wait A While before being sadly shafted when both performed badly in the charts. Her debut album, featuring production from a variety of people who had previously worked with high-profile stars such as Babyface and Anita Baker, was shelved and remains to this day quite a valuable collectors item. It's a golden oldie, before producers such as Rodney Jerkins and Kevin "She'kspeare' Briggs took on a more poppier approach with Destiny's Child, Brandy and Monica. Sadly it never made it past the promo stage and copies of it now go for $100 upwards if you're lucky enough to find one. Two versions are known to exist, one with complete artwork and another with just a generic back insert like this one. Both have the exact same track-listing.

As for Yancey, after her brief career had ended she became a back up singer for the lesser talented Victoria Beckham. As for RCA, they closed their urban division altogether in the early 2000s, bringing about the early death of yet another project I would've liked to have heard, Coko's sophomore album Music Doll.

1 Can't Miss (W.U.N.H)  
2 All In All
3 Not Gonna Beg
4 If Only
5 Wait A While
6 So Good
7 Moving On
8 Do The Right Thing
9 Can I Keep You
10 Make You Mine
11 I Like
12 Longing For You

 No reviews on the album but an article written on Yancey can be found here